[xep-support] Type1 font

Nikolai Grigoriev grig at renderx.com
Mon Feb 10 08:05:58 PST 2003

Hi Andi,

> we are using a Type1 Postscript-Font (Optima) and we are 
> experiencing some problems.
> When I run xep all german umlauts, the german sharp s and 
> some other glyphs are missing.

One possible cause may be a mismatch between internal
encodings between the font outline (PFA/PFB) and the
metric (AFM). 

> In the afm file the EncodingScheme is set to AdobeStandardEncoding, 
> but eg: germandbls is mapped to 223 (00DF). I checked some other 
> afm files (which all worked) and always found the germandbls 
> mapped to 251 (00FB).

In AdobeStandardEncoding, germandbls should be at 251;
223 is its position in MacRoman encoding. It looks like your 
AFM file uses MacRoman, and PFA/PFB uses AdobeStandard. 
Codepoint 223 is blank in AdobeStandard; this explains why 
you are getting a missing glyph.

I suggest an experiment: in the AFM file, replace all codes
greater than 128 with -1, modifying C field:

C -1; N germandbls; ...     

This will force using WinAnsi and MacRoman encodings for all 
symbols except for 7-bit ASCII (because the formatter will believe 
that there are no entries in the embedded encoding for these glyphs). 
All German character should become visible, except for  Lslash/lslash 
(Polish barred L/l).

If this helps, your original AFM file does not match your outline. 
You can recode it yourself (specifying correct AdobeStandard codes
for all glyphs), or contact your font vendor and ask for an updated
metric. You can also continue using a "fixed" AFM with XEP
(don't know for other programs).

If this does not help, I would like to have a look at your font. Please
send me your AFM and PFA/PFB off-list; I will try to understand the case.

Best regards,
Nikolai Grigoriev

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