[xep-support] Extend table with empty rows on last page of report

Kielen, Agnes Agnes.Kielen at atosorigin.com
Wed Feb 12 01:15:15 PST 2003

Hello everybody,

Our customer uses a technical report like the attachment, basicly one long
table with a footer on each page. Such a report can be several pages long.
One of there questions is to extend the table on the last page with empty
rows. I know (or I think to know) that this is not possible with basic XSLT
and XSL-FO because the creation of the number of table rows is seperated
from the paging. So my question is it possible with XEP? I see two possible
*	Add empty rows by XEP.
*	Add empty rows in the XSLT which will fill one page and cut these
last pages in the FO-process.

I think the second option maybe possible, because RenderX also removes
information (complete empty pages) in the free trial. However I have no clue
how to do this. Can anybody help me?


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