[xep-support] PDF image crop box

Jan Tošovský j.tosovsky at gmc.net
Wed Oct 14 03:00:40 PDT 2015

Dear All,

I've found XEP renders objects outside the crop box. In the attached image there is accidentally left 'Classification' text which is placed outside the image area (you can see it e.g. in Inkscape). When this image is placed in XSL-FO source, that text is rendered, although in white, so it can be selected and copied.

In further PDF result post-processing this text turned to black and it took me quite some time to investigate from where it came :-)

Here are some dimensions from pdfinfo:

Page size:      1318.39 x 311.811 pts (rotated 0 degrees)
MediaBox:           0.00     0.00  1318.39   311.81
CropBox:            0.00     0.00  1318.39   311.81
BleedBox:           0.00     0.00  1318.39   311.81
TrimBox:            0.00     0.00  1318.39   311.81
ArtBox:             0.00     0.00  1318.39   311.81

It is nothing crucial.

Regards, Jan
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