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It's not the .fo file I am after, it's the XEP Output format xml.

Our java code to  render the pdf looks something like this:-

            Properties properties = new java.util.Properties();

            properties.setProperty(CONFIG, PropertiesUtil.getProperty("xep.path"));

            properties.setProperty(VALIDATE, PropertiesUtil.getProperty("xep.validation"));

            FormatterImpl formatter = new FormatterImpl(properties);


            reader = new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream(foFile), DOMAssistant.DOMEncoding);

            stream = new FileOutputStream(pdfFile);


            // Render the FO document to the target PDF file


            XEPLogger xepLogger = new XEPLogger();

            FOTransformer foTransformer = new FOTransformer(formatter, xepLogger);

            foTransformer.transform(new StreamSource(reader), new FOTarget(stream, "PDF"));


By amending the last line to end    new FOTarget(stream, "XEP")) I am able to produce the XEP Output xml but I don't know if there is a better way of going about this. 

We want to then manipulate this xml and send it back to xep to produce a pdf. 


I found a similar post http://services.renderx.com/lists/xep-support/3049.html


I have requested a copy of the DevKit, hopefully all of my questions will be answered in there?

We want to be able to mark the first and last elements in a page with our own ids so that in the XEP Output xml they have our ids.

e.g. <xep:text value="Our City Today" x="99213" y="704299" width="100800" id="myId"/>

Is there an easy way of doing this?









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Hi ,


first thing what is your input files and what are the tools you are using. i mean are you using XEP to render get the the PDF

if you have saxon8 or crimson then


 1)  java -jar lib/saxon8.jar -o output.fo input.xml  input.xsl you will get the intermediate fo. file


if you have xep


2) xep input.fo output.pdf


or directly to 

3) xep -xml input.xml -xsl input.xsl -out output.pdf

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We would like to do some processing of XEP Intermediate Format and then give the resulting xml back to xep to process into a pdf.

I know this is possible but I can’t find any instructions in the documentation on how to go about this.


I read somewhere that I have to retrieve the XEP Output, process it and then pass it to a generator.

Where can I find some example code for this?






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