[xep-support] Hungarian Hyphenation Does Not Work

Thomas Schraitle tom_schr at web.de
Fri Jun 13 01:45:06 PDT 2008


one of our translators have an issue with hungarian hyphenation. I wrote a 
small testcase that shows the problem (see the attached file). The 
file contains examples of three languages: English, German and Hungarian.
English and German works, but not Hungarian. Actually there are no 
hyphenations, although the respective attributes are correctly set.

Our translators expected the following hyphenations:


I've used XEP just right after the installation, so no changes to the hyphenation
pattern file(s) nor any other modifications. Our test with LaTeX showed, that
the hyphenation pattern file itself seems to be correct (as it works in LaTeX), 
but it doesn't work in XEP. 

Maybe I've overlooked something but could somebody point me to the right
direction? Any hints are greatly appreciated.


XEP 4.12 build 20080425
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