[xep-support] Font specification problem

Somanna Ramaiah somannar at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 21:04:41 PDT 2008

Hi Ted,
Usually the font will refer the current folder. where your xep.bat and xep.xml file.
font folder should  also in the same folder.
or even you can configure xep.xml with windows fonts like this one example illustrated here.
<font-groupxml:base="file:/C:/Windows/Fonts/"label="Windows TrueType"embed="true"subset="true"> 

hope it will help you,
Somanna R

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Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 6:48:09 AM
Subject: [xep-support] Font specification problem

I can't get XEP to respond to my font specification. No matter what I 
do, it just uses Helvetica. I even deleted the Helvetica font files, and 
it continued to somehow use Helvetica in the output.
I suspect that XEP is looking somewhere else for its font information, 
and not in the directory that I specified in the xep.xml file.
I tried specifying the directory with an absolute URI, but this had no 

Here's my font definition list. It is taken from the xep.xml file that 
came with the XEP download; I just deleted the fonts I didn't need. Note 
that Tahoma and Palatino are defined in the list. Note also that I set 
default-family to Courier. This had no effect.

  <fonts xmlns="http://www.renderx.com/XEP/config"
    <font-group xml:base="fonts/" label="Windows TrueType" embed="true" 

      <font-family name="Tahoma" embed="true">
        <font><font-data ttf="tahoma.ttf"/></font>
        <font weight="bold"><font-data ttf="tahomabd.ttf"/></font>

      <font-family name="Palatino" embed="true" ligatures="&#xFB00; 
&#xFB01; &#xFB02; &#xFB03; &#xFB04;">
        <font><font-data ttf="pala.ttf"/></font>
        <font style="italic"><font-data ttf="palai.ttf"/></font>
        <font weight="bold"><font-data ttf="palab.ttf"/></font>
        <font weight="bold" style="italic"><font-data 

    <!-- Required aliases -->
    <font-alias name="monospace" value="Courier"/>
    <font-alias name="sans-serif" value="Tahoma"/>
    <font-alias name="serif" value="Palatino"/>
    <font-alias name="cursive" value="Palatino"/>
    <font-alias name="fantasy" value="Palatino"/>

Here's the listing of the fonts in the xep\fonts directory. Note that 
Tahoma and Palatino, the two fonts I'm interested in here, are present. 
(Note also that Helvetica is not present. I removed it to see if I could 
force XEP to not use it as the default font, but this had no effect, 
leading me to wonder if this is really the fonts folder that XEP is 
looking in for its fonts.)

06/12/2008  06:05 PM    <DIR>          .
06/12/2008  06:05 PM    <DIR>          ..
06/12/2008  06:05 PM                0 all.txt
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            11,465 Courier-Bold.afm
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            11,521 Courier-BoldOblique.afm
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            11,554 Courier-Oblique.afm
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            11,469 Courier.afm
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            11,267 IPA.afm
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            8,503 IPA.glyphs
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            71,010 IPA.pfa
02/28/2006  05:00 AM          489,884 pala.ttf
02/28/2006  05:00 AM          434,004 palab.ttf
02/28/2006  05:00 AM          344,288 palabi.ttf
02/28/2006  05:00 AM          430,800 palai.ttf
06/10/2008  11:25 PM          489,884 Palatino Linotype.ttf
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            9,719 Symbol.afm
02/28/2006  05:00 AM          383,140 tahoma.ttf
02/28/2006  05:00 AM          355,436 tahomabd.ttf
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            33,861 Times-Bold.afm
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            32,451 Times-BoldItalic.afm
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            33,152 Times-Italic.afm
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            32,559 Times-Roman.afm
05/22/2008  11:45 PM            9,506 ZapfDingbats.afm
              21 File(s)      3,215,473 bytes
                2 Dir(s)  24,165,478,400 bytes free

Here's the message from the FO processor:

      [java] WARNING: could not find any font family matching 
"Palatino"; replaced by Helvetica
      [java] WARNING: could not find any font family matching 
"Palatino"; replaced by Helvetica
      [java] WARNING: could not find any font family matching "Tahoma"; 
replaced by Helvetica
      [java] WARNING: could not find any font family matching "Tahoma"; 
replaced by Helvetica
      [java] WARNING: could not find any font family matching "Tahoma"; 
replaced by Helvetica
      [java] WARNING: could not find any font family matching 
"Palatino"; replaced by Helvetica
      [java] Java Result: 1

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ted Kuster
Sr. Tech Writer
CollabNet Inc.
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