[xep-support] XEP compared to FOP 0.94

Philippe Nobili philippe.nobili at cggveritas.com
Tue Aug 5 08:50:00 PDT 2008

> Gooch, Phil wrote:
>> It would be handy to see example of SVGs with embedded images that are
>> causing these issues in RenderX.
>> Could it be a base URI issue? E.g. if the path to the SVG in the XML
>> source data is images/my_svg.svg, and within that, there is a relative
>> path to the embedded image, e.g. 'myimage.jpg', perhaps RenderX is not
>> resolving this correctly (i.e. relative to the SVG URI, rather than the
>> base URI).
>> Phil

I did post an example on this list but it seems to take some time to 
appear, maybe due to the attached files ? In any case, the problem 
appears as soon as you have more than one bitmap imported in the SVG 
graphic. The second bitmap is not correctly handled by RenderX which 
issues the following error message during the PDF rendering:

[error] SVG element 'image' ignored: com.renderx.svg.SVGParseException: 
java.io.FileNotFoundException: /tmp/xxe19984/resources/note.png (No such 
file or directory)

Of course, the note.png file does exist, but it is the second bitmap 
imported from my SVG graphic (the first one is correctly handled). Both 
bitmaps are missing from the PDF rendering result.  If I  edit the SVG 
file and remove one of the two imported bitmaps, the XEP PDF rendering 
works (except that transparent areas are replaced by solid black 

I hope this clarifies the issue until my preceding mail shows up on this 

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