[xep-support] rx:flow-section and block[@span='all']

Michael Sulyaev msulyaev at renderx.com
Fri May 19 08:44:20 PDT 2006

Hello Holger,

Holger Flörke wrote:
> Hi,
> I use the extension rx:flow-section to render a two column block onto a
> single column page. Within the two column block should be headings
> spanned over the two columns. I try to use <fo:block span="all">, but
> XEP complains about "[warning] 'span' attribute on block ignored because
> the element is not a direct child of a flow". This is true because
> fo:block is a direct child of rx:flow-section.

This is a limitation of XEP.

> How can I span all columns of a rx:flow-section?

With XEP, the only way to achieve it is to split rx:flow-section into 
chunks, avoiding nesting.

   <!-- content on single-column page -->
   <rx:flow-section column-count="2">
     <!-- content on two-column section -->
   <rx:flow-section column-count="1">
     <!-- spanning heading -->
   <rx:flow-section column-count="2">
     <!-- more content on two-column section -->

Best regards,
  Michael Sulyaev, mailto:msulyaev at renderx.com
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