[xep-support] input/output error when running FOP Trial Version

Kevin Stannard kevin.stannard at swiftnet-solutions.com
Wed Jul 30 03:51:20 PDT 2003

Ok.  Sorry for this question, as I am sure I am missing something very simple.

However, I cannot get the trial version of xep to create any pdfs.  Using Windows 98SE, JRE1.2.

Using a bat file to call xep.bat in XEP directory (i.e. containing xep.bat and all fo, xml and xsl files), I get the following errors.

"xep -fo color.fo"

I get:

C:\XEP>xep -fo color.fo
(validate error: I/O error: no more input


"xep -xml test.xml -xsl test1.xsl -pdf output.pdf"

I get:

error: formatting failed: javax.xml.transfrom.TransformerConfugratioException: no more input

I have looked at -help via xep and cannot see what I am doing wrong.  I have tried every variation of the above I can think of and no joy.

The fo file I am using is the one provided in the xep download (moved to xep directory). The xml and xsl I am referencing work fine in spy and FOP.

Any help would be much appreciated, or a simple example of a command that would make xep work.
Many thanks
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