[xep-support] No border lines are rendered in table-header and table-footer and table-column

i.de.jong at everest.nl i.de.jong at everest.nl
Tue Jul 29 05:04:54 PDT 2003

Thanks Alexander for your reply and suggestion.
However, we are very interested to know when the 
border-collapse="collapse" might
be implemented in XEP?  (-- this might influence our purchase decision.)

Especially since AFAIK border-collapse="collapse" is the default border 
mode in XSL-FO.

Irmen de Jong
Everest b.v.

Alexander Peshkov <peshkov at renderx.com>
Sent by: owner-xep-support at renderx.com
07/29/2003 01:05 PM
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        Subject:        Re: [xep-support] No border lines are rendered  in table-header and 
table-footer and table-column

Hello Irmen,

As I already mentioned before, borders for table-header, table-footer and
table-rows works only in border-collapse='collapse' mode. So the behavior
you are expecting will be available in XEP when it implements such a mode.
Drawing those borders in border-collapse='separate' mode (currently
used by XEP) is contradictory to XSL FO spec.

In your particular case if you don't want to place borders on every
cell in a table header, you can create two additional rows above and
below actual header and place in every such row one table-cell that
spans all columns. Those cells will carry necessary border attributes
and thus you will have desired visual effect.

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov                             mailto:peshkov at renderx.com

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