[xep-support]Using several alignment methods in one fo:block-container simultaneously.

Iren Myagkova iren at relex.ru
Wed Feb 26 06:38:08 PST 2003


I use XEP. The task is to place several text blocks in a single line at the Footer of each page.
E.g.: <Date> - in the left-hand corner, <Page number> - in the center, <Custom Text> - in the right-hand corner.
The order in which this data is to be displayed on the page is not predefined, since the client wishes to change the data alignment and to affect its appearance in general.
For instance, <Page number> may be aligned to the left, and <Date> may not be displayed at all.

Could you tell me how it can be done?

I tried using the <fo:block-container tag. However, its 'writing-mode' attribute has no 'center' value. Besides, each <fo:block-container is displayed on a new line. 

Example code:
<fo:static-content flow-name="xsl-region-before">

<fo:block-container relative-position="relative"  writing-mode="lr">
<fo:block> 02/25/2003</fo:block>

<fo:block-container relative-position="relative" writing-mode="lr">
  Page <fo:page-number />

<fo:block-container relative-position="relative" writing-mode="rl">
<fo:block>Custom Text</fo:block>

Best regards,

Myagkova Irina 

(Relex Inc, Voronezh,  e-mail: iren at relex.ru  )

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