[xep-support] Suppressing indenting

David Tolpin dvd at renderx.com
Mon Feb 24 22:36:25 PST 2003

> <fo:block text-indent="1em">This is an example sentence.</fo:block>
> I need to insert a page break in the middle of it, which I'm doing with
> <fo:block break-before="page"/>, so the fo is:
> <fo:block text-indent="1em">This is an <fo:block
> break-before="page"/>example sentence.</fo:block>
> When I do this, though, the last fragment of that sentence "example
> sentence." ends up with an indent on top of the second page, and it
> really shouldn't.  Is there a way to suppress the indent?

This is a bug. I'll fix it. As a quick workaround, place something invisible
like <fo:leader/> inside the empty block.

Thank you for your patience,
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