[xep-support] Restriction in item 2 of section 1.4 of XEP spec

Werner Donné werner.donne at re.be
Sat Feb 8 11:11:07 PST 2003


> And neither inline-progression-dimension nor block-progression-dimension are ascribed
> to fo:block.

I agree that the dimension properties are also not listed for fo:block, but am I
not again confronted with a half-hearted incorporation of a CSS property in the
XSL-FO spec? "width" comes from CSS and in CSS it applies also to block-level
elements (is literally included in the XSL-FO spec), which is in contradiction
with fo:block. They should also add the exception below the CSS definition of
"width", because section 5.3.3 doesn't make the exception for blocks in the mapping
rules of "width".

By the way, XEP honours the width and inline-progression-dimension properties on
an fo:block completely. That is why I was convinced it was OK.

> Besides, centering a block is not a common typographic practice and definitely not
> a design solution promoted by XSL Formatting Objects.

It is time I put my cards on the table. I don't use that design in any of my own
style sheets, because indeed I have never encountered a case where this would be
a natural solution. I am, however, also using XSL-FO to implement CSS for the
print medium and I would like this to be with as few exceptions and restrictions
as possible. The kind of exception I can live with is complete absence of a
feature. If possible, I would like to avoid implementing features differently.
In that context the "auto" value for margin-left and margin-right is causing me
quite some trouble.


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