[xep-support] Scalability?

Jeff Beal jeff.beal at ansys.com
Thu Feb 6 06:39:47 PST 2003

Just for the record, I'm building three books of over 1000 pages each (1300,
1500, and 1700 pages) using the PostScript backend.  The size of the
resulting PS file is as high as 167 MB.  XEP takes its time on these even
using -Xmx1000000000 (24, 31, and 22 minutes, respectively), but it does
seem to scale even to quite large and complex pieces of documentation.  One
of the books is very graphic intensive, another has a lot of tables and
graphics.  The third is mostly text, but still has a fair amount of
formatting variety.
Jeff Beal
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Holy Cow.
So far, -Xmx228mb has solved my problem. Time is now < 55seconds (compared
to 4-9minutes), and memory only climbs to ~100mb.
What a difference!  
These numbers are for:
WinXP pro
Athlon 800mhz
512mb pc100 ram
-Kevin Ross
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XEP churns for ~4 minutes (at about 80mb memory use), creating a pdf.  
I have added the -Dcom.renderx.xep.VALIDATE=false.  The result is a 0kb pdf
(sequence [master-reference delivery-sequence](flow [page-number 1]Exception
in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
I have an xsl, and xml that will reproduce this.  Who wants it?  The
resulting fo file (from the transformation) is ~1900kb.  
If there is more recommended tuning, please let me know.  I've just
introduced this into a production environment and we haven't made it through
the first day.
-Kevin Ross
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