[xep-support] PDF embedding -- parameters

Gustaf Liljegren gustaf.liljegren at bredband.net
Sat Feb 1 20:30:58 PST 2003

I've been testing PDF embedding now and so far no big problems. I'm using
Illustrator 10 to make illustrations. There are plenty of parameters and I
don't know what XEP expects of prefers. So here's a list of those settings
I'm uncertain of. Hope you can help me.

  1. Color mode: ( ) CMYK  <-- these are radio buttons!
                 (o) RGB

I get accurate results with RGB, but slightly other colors with CMYK
(yellow shifted to green). Does that mean RGB is always prefered in XEP?

  2. File compatibility: ( ) Acrobat 5.0
                         (o) Acrobat 4.0

I've choosen Acrobat 4. The difference I know of is that Acrobat 5 handles
flattening, which has something to do with transparency. Does the PDF
embedding feature in XEP support both versions? Afraid of unnecessary
garbage, I've choosen to uncheck "Preserve Illustrator editing capabilities".

  3. [x] Embed all fonts  <-- this is a check box!

In illustrations containing text, this is a good thing, isn't it? Can I
uncheck it to save file size if I use the same fonts for the document text?
How about subsetting fonts? There's a setting called "Subset fonts when
less than ... % of the characters are used". That sounds good too, doesn't it?

  4. [ ] Embedd ICC profile

What's this?

Then there's a bunch of compression settings for color bitmaps, grayscale
bitmaps and monochrome bitmaps. I guess these are not necessary to touch
with if you only work with vector graphics. But there is also a check box

  5. [ ] Compress text and line art

The manual says that this box "applies ZIP compression to text and line
art". Is this compression destructive? I seek as high quality as possible.


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