[xep-support] A few technical questions

Michael Rhoden mrhoden at franklinamerican.com
Thu Jun 20 08:52:01 PDT 2002

I was working with Jim on a few things and was told he is no longer with
your company, and I should direct the questions here. 
    #1 working with PDFs I've generated with XEP I've noticed that the
margins are adjusted by Adobe when being printed. IE They were set to 1"
but when printed they print as 1.25" (they are adjusting for the printer
limitations I guess). They show up as 1" in Acrobat and of you convert
the PDF to PS using ghostscript and it prints fine. Do you know a way
around this to keep the margins constant?
    #2 Do you have any benchmarks/performance specs available to give me
a rough Idea of how many Docs can be generated and memory consumption.
Obviously this varies, but something general would be great. Also how
does the API version compare speed/memory wise to the command line (I'm
sure faster, but any numbers).
Thanks for the help.
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