[xep-support] Problems with XEP Spy plug-in

Nikolai Grigoriev grig at renderx.com
Wed Jun 12 15:17:28 PDT 2002


thanks for your attention.

> Running XML Spy on a Windows 98 SE PC here at home.  Just installed the XEP
> plug-in.  When I view an FO already in the XEP project and then click the
> "to PDF" icon, the plug-in works.  When I view one of the XML documents in
> the examples\xmlspec folder and click the "to PDF" icon I receive "XSL:FO
> transformation error:could not load stylesheet:
> java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException".  If I try the same thing with
> one of the XML (i.e., .dbx) files in doc\docbook, it works.

It's a transient problem: this incarnation of XEP plugin uses James Clark's 
XT to make transformations. Stylesheets in xmlspec/ use xsl:key 
and therefore are not supported by XT. We will fix it soon, replacing 
XT with a more recent processor.
> Furthermore, I have an application that currently transforms an XML document
> to FO and uses the full XEP 2.75 to transform the FO to PDF.  That works,
> but when I load the XML document into Spy and click the "to PDF" icon I get
> the "could not load stylesheet" message.  And when I first generate the FO
> explicitly, then click "to PDF" while viewing it in Spy, the PDF is
> generated, but it lacks the fonts that I've added to XEP 2.75 full, even
> though I've added them to the appropriate directories of the plugin and
> modified fonts.xml as usual.

You simply have to restart XMLSpy: configuration is read only once
per XMLSpy session. If it does not help, please let me know.

BTW: if you set a system-wide %CLASSPATH% variable 
under Windows to include JARs from the full XEP 2.75, 
the plugin will use those for formatting. In this way, you can 
avoid restrictions of the evaluation version. Note however
that configuration is still read from plug-in installation

> Can you tell us just what the limitations of the plug-in are?

There are no special limitations except for XT issue 
(to be fixed soon). If you find some, please let us know -
they are likely to be bugs.

Best regards,
Nikolai Grigoriev

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