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I spoke with the developer and yes this change was made at the release
(moving from an inclusion to using an <option>). So you are correct that it
is an option and he also confirms the bug that relative paths do not work.


We will patch *very fast* and get you a new version of software to test.


Kevin Brown



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I am confused at best. I guess I need to examine an installation but I did
not think ROLE_MAP was an option. It is implemented just like any section of
xep.xml which can be either internal or external. Meaning that xep.xml
should have:


<role-map href="rolemap.xml"/>


Kevin Brown



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I ran into a problem testing the new version of XEP (version 4.21) when
trying to generate a tagged PDF.  I get two different errors depending on
the environment.  


Running under the server configuration I get the error:

    "PDFException - Pdflib internal error. Broken xref. Please report to


Running under Oxygen I get the warning:

   "com.renderx.util.RoleMapConfigurationException: Cannot parse
rolemap.xml: java.net.MalformedURLException: Invalid URL or non-existent
file: rolemap.xml; PDF accessibility turned off!"


I found that change the ROLL_MAP option to use an absolute path <option
name="ROLE_MAP" value="C:\Program Files\RenderX\XEP\rolemap.xml"/>, it


I am assuming that this is a bug because fonts use relative paths and so
does the SPOT_COLOR_TRANSLATION_TABLE option.  Its not a problem using the
absolute path running under Oxygen, but it would be a problem trying to
handle that in our server configuration.

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