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Kevin Brown kevin at renderx.com
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Thanks for this! I have tested and I get the expected results.  




You should note one thing everyone, this is a patch to *the current version*
of RenderX. If you have an older version, it may not work as expected. You
should upgrade to the current version.


Karl has also provided the changes back to us to consider adding into the
core product. We may do so but we have a release in process so it will *not*
be put into this release, we do not have time. He will update the patch
after release to work with the latest release of RenderX when that is out in
a few weeks. I suggest you contact him directly or post here your desire to
get an updated patch for the next release of RenderX XEP.


Karl does a lot of customization work on XEP for those that do not know him,
has worked with me on many of the CoolTools we posted in the past.


Kevin Brown



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Some of you have requested a feature to our command line interface that will
allow you to abort the generation of a document when a broken image
reference occurs.  The attached patch will do just that and here are the
instructions to deploying and using the patch.


1)  copy patch to the lib subfolder for your RenderX installation under
program files directory.

2) Make the following edits to your xep.bat file one directory up from the
lib subfolder

   a) copy full path, including filename to the patched jar file you put in
lib subfolder

    b) add this path (no quotes) to the class path in the bat file, you must
append this to the very front of this line, so the path is inserted just
after: set cp=<insert patch path here>.... original CP text here .....

   c) save your bat file


Now would be a good time to test that you have updated the patch correctly
by just running any previously working document through the engine.  Once
you know that Xep is running as expected then give the
XslDriverBreakForImage patch a try.


To use the patch, you just call xep.bat with the switch:  -break_image, like


xep.bat -break_image -xml hammer.xml -xsl hammer.xsl

When a broken image is encountered the document creation will fail
immediately, and the resulting document being written to will be deleted
such as in the above example the hammer.pdf which had received some bytes of
information, that stream will be closed and the file deleted.


I've attached the path and my xep.bat file (renamed ..txt so as to not cause
issues with virus protection)


Good luck!


Karl Stubsjoen

Xportability Professional Services










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