[xep-support] Transparency issue

Jorge Bernad Jorge.Bernad at incony.de
Wed Dec 2 09:13:09 PST 2009

It works now. Thank you very much!

Karl Stubsjoen schrieb:
> Correction, we released version 4.15 (not 4.5).
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> Jorge,
> On April 7, 2009 we released version 4.5 of the software.  This included the
> feature you require, PNG transparency.  See news article:
> http://www.renderx.com/news/index.html#April_9,_2009
> Karl..
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> Subject: [xep-support] Transparency issue
> Hi,
> we have to embed grayscale images with transparent background within a 
> PDF/X-3 file generated by XEP 4.12. Since XEP only supports transparency 
> in PDF for PNG or GIF images and GIF is not an alternative for us (due 
> to loss of quality) we decided to use PNG. The PNG images are being 
> generated by ImageMagick and should conform to the XEP requirements for 
> transparent PNG images:
> "Single-color transparency is supported in PDF output only. For 
> indexed-color images with alpha, the first completely transparent color 
> in the palette is used."
> The PNG images use an alpha channel but the transparent color is "white" 
> which is the first color at the image color palette. The generated 
> images are handled as transparent by Photoshop.
> Unfortunately XEP is drawing the PNG image background as white instead 
> of transparent.
> What can we do?


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