[xep-support] Modular DocBook 5 documents using XInclude

Stephen Taylor sjt at 5jt.com
Thu Aug 21 06:27:17 PDT 2008

Can I use XEP to format modular DocBook V5 documents?

These use XInclude rather than entity declarations. Apache FOP 0.95
processes them, but XEP 4.13 objects:

Element include in namespace … encountered in book, but no template matches.

The only traffic I've found on this list recommends modifying my call to XEP

   - add xercesImpl.jar (from my FOP installation, I suppose) to the
   - use option

This doesn't change the error report. What am I missing?

Presumably I should be able to use Xalan for the XSLT and pipe the FO output
to XEP? Is this a different line of attack?

(I'm running Java I'm considering switching from FOP to XEP in
order to use figure floats and sidebars in my page designs.)

Thanks in advance
Stephen Taylor
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