[xep-support] Another Arabic problem (diacritics)

Krister Wicksell krister.wicksell at zert.se
Mon Aug 11 00:04:59 PDT 2008


The problem is not so simple so it will be fixed by just wrapping words. 
If I have English text inside the Arabic text and parts of the text are 
formatted with fo:inline tags the same problem occurs. I tried to 
manually wrap the complete English text with bidi-override but that do 
not work if the text contain more than one level of fo:inline.

I tested with a XSL-formatter from another company and that worked 
without wrapping the words. It also rendered the diacritics correctly 
without me having to change the font. So maybe the easiest way for me is 
to recommend my customer to use the XSL-formatter from the other company.

You may download my example from 

- The first phrase shows the problem with diacritics.
- The second and fourth phrase shows the problem with character order.
- The third phrase has a problem with a strange character occurring 
before EN/IEC.

Best Regards
> to cure the problem, you could  write a simple stylesheet that will
> wrap every word of this kind the way you want -- it's just a few lines
> in XSLT, isn't it?

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