[xep-support] Alignment of SVG image after rendering

Guenther Reisinger Guenther.Reisinger at nt.gov.au
Tue Aug 5 15:15:35 PDT 2008

I have a svg map with an image in the background.  
When I look at the svg through a viewer (adobe) the image lines up
correctly with the cadastral information.

After I render it into a PDF document through RenderX, the image no
longer lines up with the cadastral information (seems to be a vertical

I have uploaded a zip file to our website.
You should be able to get it here:


This contains:
topographic-sheet_5650-1321_orig.svg         - original SVG
topographic-sheet_5650-1321_modified.svg  - modified SVG
topographic-sheet_5650-1321.pdf                - compiled PDF

I had a look at it and in this case it appears as if the 'y' value in
the <image x=".." y="..."  is ignoring the minus sign.

In the modified svg I have manually edited the svg and removed the -
sign from the image definition and it seems to line up the same as the
completed PDF.
I am not sure if this just happens to be a fluke, but it might be
something to look at.

Let me know if you want any more information.

Gunter Reisinger
Department of Planning and Infrastructure
Northern Territory Government.

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