[xep-support] some errors with multiple collumns

Andriy Khoruzhenko andriy.khoruzhenko at monitoring.com.ua
Wed Jul 11 06:54:20 PDT 2007


In attached file sample with demonstrated errors.

Error 1 (pages 1-3)
If page master has 2 columns and render block elements with span="all"
option attributes keep-with-next, keep-with-previous not working, if remove
span option all display correctly.

Error 2 (pages 4-5)
If in rx:flow-section with more than 2 column output set attribute
keep-together - output will renders in one column but using with of one
column as with multicolumn output.

If you need details, let me know.

Andriy Khoruzhenko
Monitoring TV Ukraine
+380 44 594-9433
mailto:andriy.khoruzhenko at monitoring.com.ua

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