[xep-support] Re: Space between two Japanese characters is ignored by Adobe PDF reader

Alexei Gagarinov agagarinov at renderx.com
Thu Nov 16 21:39:13 PST 2006

Hi Volodymyr,

> When you say "XEP doesn't insert white-space characters in the PDF
> output" do you mean it does not do it for CJK only or never?


> This sounds strange because if I have an English text I see
> the space character preserved. But if the same space character
> occurs inside CJK it disappears.

Format the sample with COMPRESS=false and look inside PDF.
There will no actual space characters.

And what you see is that Acrobat handles the absolute positioning on English text correctly,
not that a space character preserved.

> I am not sure I agree with your reason.

Let me explain in detail:

The word-spacing operator (Tw) is a direct analog of the word-spacing
property in XSL FO (yes, it's an addition to "normal" space between words).

But the problem is that word-spacing in XSL FO should be applied to
*all* space characters while Tw operator applies to byte 32 only.

And this problem arises when word-spacing is specified (not 0) or when
text is justified.

So XEP uses absolute positioning (always), rather then actual white-space characters
and word-spacing operator.

Best regards,
  Alexei Gagarinov


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