[xep-support] Fallback fonts for missing glyphs?

David Nedrow dnedrow at usa.net
Mon Jan 30 08:01:23 PST 2006

How do I define a set of fonts to be used in the event that a  
particular glyph is missing in the default font?

Eg., none of the glyphs (that I've tried, e.g. ≦ ≧ etc) defined  
in DocBook XMLs isoamsr.ent are part of the Helvetica font that ships  
with XEP. However, I have a symbol font that does provide all of the  
missing glyphs I need.

Here's the font I'm interested in, as defined in my xep.xml file...

     <font-group embed="true" label="LinoType OpenType Fonts">
       <font-family name="Mathematical Pi LT Std">
           <font-data otf="MathematicalPiLTStd.otf"/>

To have the FO engine use this font for missing glyphs, do I make a  
change to the XSL, or is it something to set up in my XEP config?

Thanks in advance,


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