[xep-support] Anyone know why this is causing an exception?

Dan Ochs dan.ochs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 22:34:46 PST 2006

Anyone know why I keep getting this error?  I think it has something
to do with file size or xml element depth, but not sure.  I think the
change bar positioning looks correct though?  I can get the error to
go away if I remove the fo:table element or if I remove the
"tesetestetsettalsduhalo" fo:block elements.  I can't seem to figure
out any consistency in the error except for the amont of information I
have before/between the change bar elements.  I am using XEP 4.4 and
my output is shown below.

Any help is appreciated!

(document [system-id
  (validate [validation OK])
      (sequence-master [master-name odd-page-doublecolumn])
      (sequence-master [master-name even-page-doublecolumn])
      (sequence-master [master-name even-first-doublecolumn])
      (sequence-master [master-name odd-page-doublecolumn-frontmatter])
      (sequence-master [master-name even-page-doublecolumn-frontmatter])
      (sequence-master [master-name even-first-doublecolumn-frontmatter])
      (sequence-master [master-name even-last-singlecolumn])
      (sequence-master [master-name odd-first-doublecolumn])
      (sequence-master [master-name odd-first-doublecolumn-frontmatter])
      (sequence-master [master-name chapter]))
    (sequence [master-reference chapter]
      (flow [flow-name xsl-region-body])))
    (sequence [master-reference chapter]
      (flow [1][2])
      (static-content [1][2])))
  (generate [output-format pdf][1]error: formatting failed:
com.renderx.xep.lib.InternalException: ending changebar that's not
started, icb:type=end,class=hello,serial=27,x=333000,y=162000;br=column-1,normal,last,1,34,(333000,57600),(594000,734400)
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