[xep-support] keep-with-next for fo:wrapper?

Ronald Hayden rhayden at apple.com
Fri Jul 25 13:30:40 PDT 2003

For reasons too arcane to get into, in our system for purposes of 
linking we tend to have to put the id for an element in a fo:wrapper 
that precedes the element, like so:

<fo:wrapper id="my_element_id"/>
<fo:block>The actual element.</fo:block>

This approach solves many problems for us...but it presents a new 
problem:  If the text being rendered in the fo:block in this case 
causes a page break to occur, the block gets separated from the 
associated wrapper, which causes links to jump people to the "wrong" 
page, and for page numbers in cross-references to be off-by-one.  This 
occurs more often than you might think.

I'd like to ensure that the wrapper stays with the block...I tried:

<fo:wrapper id="my_element_id" keep-with-next.within-page="always" />

But it doesn't appear to work.

Any suggestions for how I can keep these two elements together?

  -- Ron

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