[xep-support] table-layout="auto"

Adam Rogoyski rogoyski at math.utexas.edu
Fri Jul 18 09:43:59 PDT 2003

   Are there any plans to support the table-layout="auto" property for
tables?  Is there a road map for when new unsupported features will be
   And until there is support for table-layout="auto", is there a good way
to approximate it?  I have data with xhtml tables in it I need to convert
to xsl-fo.  I am able to get reasonable results for a simple table with
only text table cells by just computing the max string-length of each
column (child::tr/td[N]) and multiplying the string-length by the font
width to set the table-column column-width attribute.  But any
multi-spanned columns, non text elements or nested elements in each cell
make this impossible.

   Adam Rogoyski
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