[xep-support] MalformedURLException in com.renderx.util.Magic

Nikolai Grigoriev grig at renderx.com
Thu Jul 17 09:01:11 PDT 2003


> It seems, once "com.renderx.sax.InputSource" is instantiated with
> "resource:com/renderx/util/magic.xml" it seems to return this string with
> "getSystemId()".

> The XMLReader (here Saxon, but essentially Xerces seems to do the same)
> tries to create a "java.net.URL" with this string
> "resource:com/renderx/util/magic.xml" and this throws a
> MalformedURLException.

Saxon is an XSLT transformer; it can work with any SAX parser.
JAR file for Saxon 6.5.2 includes a SAX parser, Aelfred; but
it is not picked automatically. If your system is configured
to use Xerces as its default JAXP parser, it will continue to
do so regardless of the presence/absence of SAXON in the classpath.

(Note also that the failure occurs on reading internal configuration
files. This is done by a pure parser: no need to call XSLT processor
at this stage).

> Should "getSystemId()" on "com.renderx.sax.InputSource" yield this
> ("resource:com/renderx/util/magic.xml") result or a different result? Is
> there an error in our configuration?

Yes; and we believe there is nothing wrong with this. System ID
is just a label; if the InputSource provides a byte stream, there
is no reason for the parser to convert it to java.net.URL. In this
particular case, the contents of the URL is a classpath; the data
are retrieved from the class loader using getResourceAsStream()

> Any further help is highly appreciated!

My suggestions:

1) Determine which class is called to parse configuration
files. Please execute the following two lines of code in
the context of your system, just before or after call to XEP:

XMLReader reader = com.renderx.sax.XMLReaderFactory.createXMLReader();

2) If the parser is Xerces, try to replace it with something else
by specifying the implementation class for the JAXP parser factory
in the following system property:

javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory =

(The settings above are for SAXON's built-in AElfred)

Please check that the change actually took place, by controlling
the parser's class name.

3) If everything above fails to repair the situation, the only method
is to move XML configuration files from XEP Jars to explicit
locations in the local filesystem. To do this, you will have to extract
com/renderx/util/magic.xml from xep****.jar, save it somewhere
and specify its location in a system property. The same procedure
should be repeated for two more files.

The last method is a nec plus ultra solution, to adopt only in
extreme cases. If switching the parser to AElfred does not repair
the situation, please drop me a note off-list to support at renderx.com;
I will send you detailed istructions for getting rid of "resource:/"

Best regards,
Nikolai Grigoriev

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