[xep-support] Extra spacing after wrapped text

Els van Trigt evtrigt at ambrac.nl
Tue Feb 25 02:37:58 PST 2003

Bedankt Harm, this helped. The xsl:output element in my stylesheet had the
value of indent="yes". The text is now formatted correctly, although my PFE
file editor does like the .fo file this way; it stops loading it... I can
live with this, however.


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Beste Els,

I found the solution to your problem. In your fo file there is a
line-break after each </fo:wrapper>. If you remove those, the extra
spaces will disapear. If you generate your fo using XSL, you can prevent
this by adding indent="no" to your xsl:output element.


Harm Kok

Diderot Track

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