[xep-support] Slow Performance

mottoson at greenshield.ca mottoson at greenshield.ca
Wed Feb 19 05:11:17 PST 2003


We're running XEP Version 3.2.1 Client Edition and have hit a performance wall. The .fo file I'm testing is 42MB composed of approx. 600 fo:page-sequences.  The
.fo does contain quite a number of tables, none nested.

During the "(document" step, xep appears to process the first 400 in an
acceptible time then drops to a rate of approx. 4 min/sequence.  Finally after
434 it dies with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError.  It never hits the "(format" step.

This test file is a moderate size.  We expect worse case files potentially 20
times greater.  We could, of course, split the files up.  To test this I split
the same file into the following breakdown, and each produced the final pdf. I'll express the performance in terms of total render time and pdf pages/min

29MB - 6 hours, 2.3 pg/min
13MB - 2.5 min, 271.2 pg/min
0.5MB - 15 sec, 248 pg/min
31K - 8 sec, 30 pg/min
8K - 7 sec, 8.6 pg/min

The degradation of the smaller files, I'm sure, is attributable to
startup/shutdown overhead.  Is there something I can do to get past the
degradation of the larger files?  Can you recommend ways to tune the .fo file to
allow XEP to process it faster and completely?

If we must split the files (not our preferred solution), it would be easier to
split into files around the 31K size.  Is there a way with our version to
process multiple files and avoid the startup/shutdown overhead?

Platform details:
- XEP Version 3.2.1 Client Edition
- Windows NT 4.0 SP6a
- dual processor P4, 2.0 GHz, 512MB ram.
- Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.1-b21)
- The only changes to the out-of-box settings I've made is to disable validation
and to increase the JVM's initial ram to 512m.
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