[xep-support] baseline alignment problem

Chris Branch chris_branch at fscreations.com
Tue Feb 18 09:29:39 PST 2003

>you are right and both right-justified and outdented numbers cannot
>be accomplished with XEP in general case of variable-height inlines.
>Will try to figure out something.

Seems like 'relative-align' is the answer for the general case.  I think
this would allow me to match the solution I've been using successfully
in HTML for many years:

<tr valign="baseline">
<td>Content with mixed font sizes that wraps to multiple lines.</td>

Another solution that might work is to support fixed-width inline
elements.  In other words, let me specify a 'width' attribute for
<fo:inline>.  Example:

   <fo:inline width=".5in" text-align="right">1.</fo:inline>Content...

The XSL specification seems to allow for this, but I'm not 100% sure
I've interpreted that correctly.  If this *is* valid, this would
actually be more useful than relative-align.  And I suspect it would be
easier to implement :-).  I know XEP doesn't currently support this, but
is this theoretically possible with XSL?

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