[xep-support] XEP3.2: font parsing error

Werner Donné werner.donne at re.be
Wed Feb 12 06:35:31 PST 2003


When using JDK1.3.1 I get an error which I don't get when using J2SE1.4.1. It happens
while parsing an AFM file. The message is the following:

{!file:/tmp/XEP/etc/fonts.xml: couldn't parse metrics or glyph list for font
CourierNewPSMT-Latin1: com.renderx.adobe.AdobeFileFormatError:
/tmp/XEP/afm/../type1/CourierNewPSMT-Latin1.afm: no FontName specified}

My fonts.xml file contains the following entry:

<font embed="true" pfb="../type1/CourierNewPSMT-Latin1.pfb"
afm="../type1/CourierNewPSMT-Latin1.afm" name="CourierNewPSMT-Latin1"/>

I have attached the compressed AFM file, which contains a FontName entry.

The message appears a large number of times during one run, which leads me to think
that the AFM is parsed very often.


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