[xep-support] Extend table with empty rows on last page of report

Michael Scott mikesc at telus.net
Wed Feb 12 03:01:23 PST 2003

Another option, if your customer can accept fixed row heights, is to...

1) layout the table outlines (it's horizontal and vertical lines) as static
content  using a table with appropriate rows, cells and border settings in
the xsl-region-header.

2) then put a second table in the document body to receive the flowed rows
of text data but do not add any borders, just the text.

3) finally make sure the document body and it's table are the exact same
size and in the exact same location as the static table outline.

Now, every page will contain your empty table grid supplied by the static
content and the text data will be flowed into (or more accurately overtop)
the table grid, when the flow reaches the end of the document body (and thus
the end of the table) a new page is created with a new grid and the data
flows into it.

Think of this as a two step process, first you lay down the grid lines, then
you lay down the text.

CAUTION - There is a drawback! This technique seperates the border layout
from the text layout. If the text is too long for the cell width and needs
to wrap on the next line the trailing border will not move to accomodate
because it was layed down earlier as static content.

This will only work if you can pre-determine the row heights and table grid
in advance. Your sample appears to have variable row heights or at least a
separating blank row every once in a while.  If you must have variable row
heights flowed down the page then I too think you are out of luck.

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Hello everybody,

Our customer uses a technical report like the attachment, basicly one long
table with a footer on each page. Such a report can be several pages long.
One of there questions is to extend the table on the last page with empty
rows. I know (or I think to know) that this is not possible with basic XSLT
and XSL-FO because the creation of the number of table rows is seperated
from the paging. So my question is it possible with XEP? I see two possible
*	Add empty rows by XEP.
*	Add empty rows in the XSLT which will fill one page and cut these
last pages in the FO-process.

I think the second option maybe possible, because RenderX also removes
information (complete empty pages) in the free trial. However I have no clue
how to do this. Can anybody help me?



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