[xep-support] Font-embedding & PDF size

Matthias.Belz at Springer.de Matthias.Belz at Springer.de
Wed Jun 19 05:58:18 PDT 2002


I have a problem with PDF file sizes getting to big when embedding 
fonts. I have created an fo test document that just prints the word 
"Test". The resulting PDF file has a size of 2 KB. When I now add one 
character (e.g. 21A6) to the fo-file using the font ArialUnicodeMS, 
the resulting PDF file has 303 KB! (I use the settings embed="true" 
and subset="true".) Obviously only a part of the font is embedded and 
not all of it, but it still looks like there is more embedded than 
necessary, because when I compile the same file with FOP, the 
resulting file size is just 13 KB. Since I want to stick to XEP, I'm
looking for a way to either improve XEP's behavior or to optimize
the pdf-file with a post-editing tool. Any ideas?


Matthias Belz <Matthias.Belz at springer.de>
Electronic Technologies, Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
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