[xep-support] Re: Running XEP

David Tolpin dvd at renderx.com
Fri Jun 7 10:50:41 PDT 2002

> After two days of working on this, I discovered that
> org.xml.sax.helpers.ParserFactory.makeParser() was being run from
> D:\jdk1.2.2\jre\lib\ext\xml.jar, rather than from the libraries XEP
> installed, even when I wiped out my classpath.  After I removed that file,
> XEP now runs.
> Once I got XEP to run, I tried Align.fo from your samples section.  On the
> first attempt it crashed, and I increased the max memory setting to 256MB.
> It ran that time, but took forever (I wasn't timing yet, at that point, but
> I'd say around 3-4 minutes -- Antenna House XSL Formatter renders it too fast
> to time).  I then tried a two page (when Antenna House renders it) invoice
> file (what we're using XSL-FO for), and it ran for about 6 minutes before
> running out of memory (this was after I told it to take 256MB).  Is XEP
> always this slow and this RAM intensive?

Something's wrong again with your configuration.

Pentium III 700 running Linux, jdk 1.4 (the difference is insignificant with 1.3).

with xerces-1.0.0 and validation turned on takes 9.5 sec in -Xmx8m (that is 8 Mb limit
of Java heap).

with xerces-1.0.0 and validation turned off takes 8.5 sec in -Xmx6m (that is 6 Mb limit).

with xerces-1.2.3 an validation turned on takes 8.7 sec in -Xmx32m - xerces is a memory
hog with DTD validation and version > 1.0.0, that is when xml.apache.org folks started fixing
and improving IBM code.

with xerces-1.2.3 and validation turned off takes 8.5 sec in -Xmx6m.

I don't know where your huge memory requirements come from. The only
thing I can think about is your images (which are missing). Send it to me
(dvd at renderx.com, I'll run the tests with them).

The version under development runs about 40% faster on your test, by the way.

David Tolpin
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